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Giannutri Photovoltaic Plant

Customer: EPS Spa, Terna
Power: 70 kW


With a surface area of 2.6 km², the small island of Giannutri is a nature reserveon the Tuscan coast, bordering the Tyrrhenian sea.
The island is home to just 27 people throughout the year but welcomes hundreds of visitors every day during the summer.
The creation of a photovoltaic system with a metal cover, combined with substantial storage batteries, would satisfy the island's energy needs and allowfor the disposal of the old pollutant power generators.


The Main Challenge

The small size of Giannutri and the logistical difficulties involved required a delicate operation: the light reflected by the photovoltaic panels could pose a danger for aircraft landing on the island’s only heliport.
The problem was resolved through the design and construction of a motorized cover. With a surface area of 400 m² and the ability to be controlled remotely, this cover guarantees complete safety for pilots.

A Flexible Team

Our technicians’ ability to design a tailor-made solution to the problem that emerged on-site allowed us to complete this delicate operation.
The investment of higher economic and planning resources than those originally assigned was offset by the flexible nature of our team and their desire to contribute to a sustainable energy market. With the help of SELT, Giannutri has achieved sustainable energy independence.


Construction of a photovoltaic plant with a battery storage system
Creation of civil works and woodwork structures
Design and construction of a motorized moving cover

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