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Sistemi elettrici telefonici
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Green Energy

Our services

We have been working across Europe for twenty years to help construct a reliable electricity grid. Beginning with electrical transmission, we have since developed several lines of business to bring efficient solutions to the market.

Energy Transmission

energy transmission

Thanks to decades of experience in the high–voltage market, SELT plays a major role in Italy as an energy transmission supplier. With our international perspective, we utilize the experience we have acquired through working with companies such as Terna and Enel in order to implement the growth of the electricity network in Europe. Together with our core business in high-voltage work, we have developed our skills in the medium and low voltage sectors so that we can offer our partners a flexible and profit-oriented support. Telecommunications networks, especially optical fiber, complement our ability to connect energy. SELT Energy Transmission is now a solid reality with more than 5,000 km of grid extension created, more than 200 employees involved and works in progress all over Europe.

Green Energy

green energy

Electricity is the engine of progress and we believe that progress must be sustainable. For this reason, green energy is a strategic way of developing of our business. We have focused mainly on photovoltaic energy and, thanks to this, we were involved in the construction of the biggest park in Europe (San Bellino, IT) with a surface area of 850,000 m2 (equal to 120 football pitches) and an installed power of 70.5 MW. We also produce electrical-engineering works for wind energy generation. We are among the pioneers in Italy for our number of specialized employees as we continue our commitment to sustainability, acting as a bridge between green energy producers and distributors.

Metal Carpentry

metal carpentry

Our headquarters host a steelwork workshop capable of quickly producing and customizing any support for our main business activities. We, at SELT, believe that the ability to adapt and be flexible are key elements to optimize resources and guarantee efficiency to our customers. For this reason, we have invested in the productivity of the metalworking business, which avoids the use of intermediary companies for supplies needed on site, reduces labor costs, improves the quality and increases the speed of execution. Furthermore, our workshop represents a point of reference in the area for the production of metal structures. We work with steel and iron in order to be able to produce all kinds of works, from the simplest to the more complex, including large sporting facilities or industrial structures.

Our team

SELT offers a range of skills, experiences and abilities that facilitate the growth of our business and prepare it to meet future needs. This outlook has formed a versatile multidisciplinary team. We connect energy, connecting people.

Our projects

Our clients

  • enel
  • terna
  • ABB
  • italferr
  • wind
  • Alstom
  • fri
  • rte
  • vodafone
  • nexans
  • 50hz
  • prysmian
  • statnett
  • siemens

Our partners

Collaboration between operators fosters transversal skills and enables them to tackle major challenges. We are actively seeking suitable partner companies with whom we can expand our offer and generate mutual value.


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