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International in western Norway

Client: Statnett
Line: 420 kV power

The Situation

To guarantee a reliable supply of electrical energy in central Norway, it is necessary to construct two power lines on the Orskog-Fardal-Kvandal/Bardufoss/Balsfjord Line.
Statnett, in the beautiful yet rugged, and almost impassable, environment of the central western fjords, have given us the opportunity to take on this great international challenge.

The main challenge

Extreme climatic conditions and a complex morphology of the land make it impossible to use standard procedures and so there needs to be cast-iron organisation to guarantee the health and safety of the workers.
The helicopter is often the only available means for the movement of the workers and the equipment. Crossing the fjords constitutes a good “test bench” in the sense of whether we can fulfil a project – unique to Italy – of stringing in a single span that goes beyond 3,200 m. Despite these challenges, the work will be completed a year in advance.

An international team

Included in our team is a group of staff who are multi-ethnic and who work in international contexts. We have a professional and cultural diversity that gives us a competitive edge.
The Norwegian challenge is a clear demonstration of this, and confirmation of our international position was noted by Jørn Svingeset, field inspector of Statnett, who highlighted the major technical progress achieved.

Salient data

250 km in length
720 pylons
6 new transport stations
Removal of Fardal transformer station in Sogndal
Removal of 170 km of pylons
15 town councils involved
Cost of the project: 4.6-5.6 million Norwegian Krone
Completion: Ørskog-Høyanger 2015, Høyanger-Sogndal 2016


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