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The Ittiri-Codrongianos Line

Client: Roda Spa
Line: 380 kV Power

The Situation

The implementation of the Ittiri-Codrongianos line in 2010 represents for SELT a moment of great professional development. We are undertaking a form of work that, in the past, was done only to support other businesses.
The overall success of this operation has given our business an awareness of its potential in the years to come.

The main challenge

Long delays in the assignment procedures mean that it is necessary to implement the work under very difficult time restrictions. A massive downpour of rain complicates the operation, making the area of intervention inaccessible.
Our work is not affected. Thanks to the use of special means of transport and the construction of special roads, the work is completed ahead of schedule.

A dynamic team

In SELT we are solution-oriented. Nature and time are not elements that we can fight but elements to which we must adapt. For our company the objectives of each project are always to respect deadlines and deliver a high quality of work.
Our team integrates a wide range of professionally qualified people and this allows us to face up to, and resolve quickly, whatever critical issues are placed in front of us.

Salient data

Construction line at 380 kV
Execution of the foundations
Installation and stringing of truncated beam conductors
31 supports
13 km long


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