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The Molentargius Line

Client: Terna SpA
Line: 150 kV Power

The Situation

Nestled within the urban area of Cagliari (Italy), the pond of Molentargius hosts a complex ecosystem of rare beauty. It is home to a number of different animal species including pink flamingos.

The creation of an underground power line and the simultaneous demolition of the aerial line present us with an opportunity to improve and protect the environment, preserving the bio-diversity of this area.

The main challenge

The naturalistic context results in a need for a meticulous project. It is important to reduce the invasive nature of the intervention and finish the work as quickly as possible, in order to minimise the impact on the surrounding nature.

For this purpose, the removal of the trellis will be done with special helicopters while the staff and equipment of SELT will be moving on boats along the bottom of the pond.

The work will be concluded punctually transforming the old foundations into small islands for the platforms, with which the environment can be monitored.

A team that is attentive to the environment

In SELT we believe that respect for the environment is the only way to guarantee the sustainability of the electricity market. The production from renewable resources is fundamental in order to preserve the environment. Nevertheless it is necessary that the same sensitivity is also extended to the electrical distribution market.

For this reason, in SELT, we are taking this initiative forward with enthusiasm, a gradual transition from aerial lines to those underground.

Salient data

Construction line at 150 kV
Implementation of the foundations and terminals
Cable duct constructed by a triad of unipolar conductors
Laying of a triple-tube with 2 fibre-optic cables
5.9 km in length


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