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Oristano Sports Arena

Client: Pellegrini
Surface Area: 3.000 m2


The Oristano Sports Arena is located on an area of land used for sporting activities. The iron and reinforced concrete structure holds 3,000 seats, making it a source of prestige for the whole complex. The building is distinguished by its entirely iron roof and insulated panels. The use of metal provides added width to the structure and allows large lights to be covered by a single span.
SELT created and installed metalwork elements within the main structure, as well as unique additional elements such as skylights and side windows that are key to the functionality and aesthetics of the structure.

The Main Challenge

Our work entailed the supply and installation of 15 trusses with separate parts, consisting of double angle profiles coupled through bolted joint plates.
The structure is covered with 120 mm panels, each of which measures 13 metres in length. These panels were heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, and as such required the presence of our specialist personnel for the roof installation.
SELT provided 35 specialist fitters for the project, who completed assembly in just fifteen days.

An Organized Team

The differentiation between business lines within SELT stems from the desire to offer appropriate solutions within the varied European energy market.
For us, the choice to create and develop a metal workshop is the result of a vision centred around adaptability.
Our collaborators are trained to master different activities and guarantee complete autonomy in their work, personalizing not only the finished products but also the single elements that compose them.

Key Points

3,000 m² of surface area covered
135,000 kg of iron used
More than 10,000 bolts
Creation of single-span trusses measuring 55 m in length


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