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Pozzallo Photovoltaic Plants

Client: SUN Edison
Power: 3.5 MW


On the Southern tip of the Italian peninsula, Sicily offers ideal conditions for producing solar energy.
However, blending the structures into their surrounding environment is fundamental to conserving the island’s coastline.
The construction of two photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of 3.5 MW in the municipality of Pozzallo, just a few kilometres from the coast, challenged our technicians to create a meticulous bespoke design.

The Main Challenge

The key to reducing the environmental impact of the project and, consequently, the time and costs required to build the plant lay in reducing the level of earthmoving necessary. To achieve this, our designers used light and flexible structures able to adapt to the natural shape of the land.
The preparatory work carried out by the drills allowed the foundation piles to be laid, giving strength to the installation. The movement of these specialized vehicles over the marshy ground was made possible using specially builtpacked earth tracks.

A Collaborative Team

At SELT, we believe that partnerships with external operators provide added value and guarantee flexibility in production.
In order to complete the project in Pozzallo in the shortest time possible, we requested support from local operators to construct civil works and mechanical assembly. Under the supervision of our qualified staff, this contribution shortened the construction process and reduced the costs of the project, thereby increasing value for our clients.

Key Points

Construction of a 3.5 MW photovoltaic plant
Laying of approx. 14,000 panels
Creation of foundations on bored piles
Conduit consisting of 3x1x185 medium voltage cable
Laying of tripipe with two fibreoptic cables


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