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San Bellino Park

Client: SUN Edison/MEMC
Power: 70 MW


Just a few kilometres from Venice lies a site that, in 2010, became Europe’s largest photovoltaic system.
With 280,000 panels and covering an area 850,000 m², the San Bellino park is an excellent example of SELT's construction capabilities.
On average, the installation of a high voltage connection between panels and an electric station takes eighteen months, but we completed the process in just six months. The project required input from various figures in the company, including designers, suppliers and on-site workers during its implementation.

The Main Challenge

The park’s construction was an international initiative. Its American owners chose the Spanish company Isolux to supply the panels, while the park’s connection to the national network and the construction of the future electrical station was entrusted to SELT, with the request for an incredibly fast installation process.
It was our presence that guaranteed the national network owner, Terna SpA, observance of European standards during construction, as well as a guarantee of reliability that is key to a project of this scale, especially when carried out in record time.

A Safety-conscious Team

At SELT, we know that implementation speed is a key factor in reducing operating costs. However, we are also highly aware that this advantage, which we are able to offer, must be accompanied by high professional standards and compliance with safety regulations in order to avoid any level of risk in the workplace.

We constantly and successfully invest in the safety of our team to prevent hazards from arising on our construction sites.

Key Points

70 MW of power
850,000 m² of land
Connection to the national photovoltaic network system of 280,000 photovoltaic panels
44,000 T of CO² emissions saved annually
Design, supply and implementation of the connection to the national high voltage grid
Design, supply and implementation of the San Bellino electric station


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