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Villacidro Wind Farm

Client: FRIEL SpA
Power: 30 MW


The Villacidro/San Gavino area is situated in the centre of Medio Campidano (Sardinia). Its formation means it is exposed to all kinds of wind, which in turn ensures the production of wind power all year round.
As part of the European project to strengthen green energy production, we have built a wind farm on the island of Sardinia with a total output of 30MW.

The Main Challenge

Heavy rain accompanied the installation of the plant, making nearby roads impassable. The use of crawler vehicles and immersion pumps to clear the tunnels allowed us to successfully lay 90 km of cables.
The simultaneous presence of two management companies, E distribuzione and Terna, required a high level of coordination to make complex operations such as the modification of overhead lines possible.
The project was completed in just eleven months thanks to the collaboration of a company that specializes in civil works.

A Complete Team

We believe that communication between different departments is a key element to improving productivity. Investing in this allows us to offer our customers a cost-benefit ratio that fears no competition.
The San Gavino/Villacidro plant is proof of how work carried out by SELT technical-administrative staff led various sectors of the Team to attain their goals in a quick and efficient manner.

Key Points

Construction of a 30 MW wind farm
Installation of 14 wind turbines
Laying of mid voltage unipolar underground cables for approx. 90 km
Construction of a new HV substation for the manufacturer
Adaptation of the E Distribuzione substation to connect and modify the Terna HV overhead line and position a new mast


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